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Ucelo store - E-commerce Marketplace application

Ucelo store - E-commerce Marketplace application

B2B Marketplace Platform! 

Introducing Ucelo Store, a highly scalable multi-vendor and multilingual b2b e-commerce platform suitable for any wholesale business.

The warehouse platform supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, and Italian. Businesses from all over the world will find the platform a boon for their export business due to multi-lingual facility

Easy Customer Onboarding process 
Our platform provides a simplified approach to onboarding new customers. You will be able to review the contract and customize the details to suit your business' requirements.

Chat Option 
The warehouse platform has a Chat option (Buyer to Supplier) where the buyer and supplier can engage in a transparent communication, resulting in a good deal.

Payment Gateway 
Our b2b platform is offering payment gateways to both the suppliers and the buyers. The platform enables you to accept multiple payment options and offers discounts to the buyers for using this service.

Integrated Shipping 
The b2b platform will allow you to integrate your shipping into your shopping cart so that you can offer integrated shipping.

No Hidden charges 
The platform provides a plethora of features with no hidden charges on the suppliers. Thus, you will never have to face any difficulty in selling your products due to the complexities of inventory management.

Enhanced admin panel 
A streamlined admin panel is available to manage the suppliers and buyers. It's an excellent way to manage your business without the hassles of dealing with logistics and the administrative work.

Advanced features

The platform is highly customizable and offers a host of features to ensure that the business comes up with the one-stop solution to manage all their B2B e-commerce needs.

Headless Commerce 
UCELO provides a highly configurable e-commerce solution that integrates seamlessly with the third-party systems so that a business can manage all their transactional needs through the platform.

Separate dashboards 
Separate dashboard feature for admin and suppliers make it easier to manage all the important processes and regulations related to the entire supply chain.

Limitless Integration Options 
Our platform provides limitless integration options with other popular systems so that the business is able to offer their services and reach out to their clientele in a convenient way.

Inventory Management Features 
The platform provides comprehensive inventory management features that will help you to keep a track of the warehousing requirements of your business.

Lightning fast search 
The UCELO platform's fast product search option makes it easy for the business to find only the products that are appropriate for them. It enable you to easily filter the products without any hassle.

Request for Quotation 
With a Request for Quotation feature, your business can access a list of potential customers directly. The list includes their specifications and also the documents that they require in order to offer quotations.

Customizable reports 
The B2B platform offers customized reports with detailed information on sales, data reports, key performance indicators, and company overview. The reports are easy to understand, color coded, and easily understandable.

Minimum Order Quantity 
This feature is for the buyers to maximize their ROI while purchasing from your business. Every business will have a minimum order quantity for their customers.