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SAFQAT is a B2B E-commerce marketplace platform for food & beverages Suppliers, exporters and buyers in the UAE. It helps the customers to reduce cost & save time for food and beverages products and facilitate sourcing efficiently. Safqat is rapidly establishing itself as one of the most renowned and dependable pioneers in the field of food and beverages.

About SAFQAT B2B Marketplace Platform

The SAFQAT B2B marketplace application has three segments - buyers, suppliers, and administrators. As one of the most known startup companies in the industry, SAFQAT have been able to make quite an impact! SAFQAT buyer and supplier portals come with excellent features like RFQs, quotations, chats, order management, product and inventory management, and an admin interface with detailed reports and communication features.

The lightning fast search engine on SAFQAT makes it simple to locate what you're looking for. Simply enter your needs or use a series of logical filters to narrow your search. The goal is to increase B2B product distribution at the most cost-effective rate possible to the top outsourcing proponents the industry has to offer. SAFQAT add value at every stage of the purchasing process, from locating suppliers and managing negotiations through creative financing solutions and overseeing logistics. SAFQAT help B2B buyers and sellers locate the lowest wholesale rates on hundreds of items from reputable F&B sector suppliers.

The admin manages suppliers, handles the buyers and orders sections, supports by chatting with suppliers or buyers, and maintains selling and purchasing Reports, among other things. We made sure the interface is simple to use, the navigation is straightforward, and the images of the products are easy for users to grasp which makes people keep coming back.


React, Node.js, Express.js, Next.Js, Mongo DB, Firebase, Flutter


  • Algolia Search
  • Sendgrid, Chatbot
  • Payment Gateway
  • CRM